Monday, May 2, 2011

Fake Journal Wrap Up

The month with Angelina flew by, and I had a great time doing her journal. This was my first time doing a fake journal, and I'm happy that I was able to do a page a day like I planned.

I was surprised that it was as much work as it was. I used my own photo references for all the sketches, and I know I have to organize them much better than they are. The problem is that with the digital photos I store them on CDs and they are listed by number. On my computer I can't see them as icons, so every time I wanted a particular photo I had to really search for it on all the CDS. I was longing for the days when I had photos printed of everything. I did get smarter as I went along and made a file on my desktop and when I viewed the CDs I would transfer ones that I thought I might use, and labeled each one. I'm glad I had my diaries and paintings from my trips to Venice to look back at, as well as the guidebooks I kept. They were really helpful for the text part of the journal. It was fun to use some of the photos that I know I wouldn't use for a regular watercolor painting to do the sketches, like the cemetery and the delivery men. With the digital camera I take photos of everything I see.

I would definitely like to try doing a fake journal again next year. Maybe I'll resurrect Angelina, or maybe I'll do something completely different. My thanks to my sister, Michelle, for telling me about the fake journals, and to Roz for starting the International Fake Journal Month. I've really enjoyed viewing all the blogs that people submitted.


  1. I enjoyed reading Angeina's journal. I almost feel like I've been to Venice.

  2. Joan, these sketches make such an amazing memoir. I wish I could be there jotting down those moments with you. Your words and the artworks setting on each page are super. I wish I could publish this into a real book for you.

  3. Joan
    I love these paintings from Venice, you must have had a great time.

  4. I just discovered your blog through the "Somewhere to Sketch" blog and scrolled through all your images of Venice. With every picture my longing to go there again grew and I had a little tear in my eyes, when I finished. I was in Venice in the autumn of 2011.
    Your fake journal is wonderful, really love the paintings and writing together! Well done!