Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Angelina's Life in Venice - April 19, 2011

Tues., April 19, 2011 - San Erasmo
Most visitors to Venice never travel to the quiet island of San Erasmo. This is out in the Venetian loagoon and is where most of the produce sold in Venice is grown.
There is a lot of farmland and vineyards, but not many people. It is a perfect place to ride bikes, and they rent them at the first vaporetto stop on the island. If you get off at the second stop, you can visit La Chiesa di San Erasmo. It is a small church. Don't you love the carvings on the doors? Roz was on the vaporetto going to San Erasmo. Looks like she is curious to see what is inside the church looks like.


  1. I am thoroughly enjoying looking at your IFJM entries. Gorgeous paintings and observations. Keep it up! ♥ky

  2. Pretty door and vinyard sketch. And you got Roz in there again. Is this #3 or 4?
    Does Angelina ride a bike? :-)

  3. Scrapacat - Thanks so much!

    Mickey - Thanks. I think this is Roz's 3rd appearance. Angelina is like me. She likes her feet on the ground.

  4. You know, Joan -- I and so many others are enjoying this so so much -- areyou considering publishing it?