Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Angelina's Life in Venice - April 4, 2011

Mon., April 4
Ciao bella!
Masks are sold in shops everywhere in Venice. In some shops, like the Tragicomica Mask Shop, you can watch the artists create the maskes.
Many masks are bought by tourists, and many more are used for Venice's most famous festival, Carnevale. This year Carnevale took place from Feb. 19 to March 8. It is like a Mardi Gras celebration before the start of Lent.
All over Venice there are costumed plays, parties, balls, etc. It is one big fun celebration! Come join us next year.


  1. Glad you made Angelina's journal into a blog. It's nice to have it all together in one place. Love the mask. The Carnivale sounds like fun.

  2. Angelina will invite you to Carnivale next year. You have a passport so you can go.